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Some of the most experienced folks in the business that make a real connection with you.

National Talent - Integrity - Top of our Craft - Established Professional Performers


4 Professional Comedy Improvisers traveling to your venue!    

The following packages include consultation, set and strike crew where applicable, scripting, planning, custom designing, writing and rehearsing all at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.  Sound and Tech available at no extra charge with DJ Packages. Guaranteed to be professional, family friendly and business friendly entertainment. These improv comedians are some of the best around having performed in literally hundreds of venues including Fortune 500 events, private parties, college campuses and bar/bat mitzvahs.  Customized to your liking OUR FAMILY FRIENDLY show mimics the format of improv that inspired ABC’s hit TV show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” that turns into a mesmerizing, gut giggling, belly laugh-out that lasts between 45-60 minutes Our Touring Team members have national credentials including: Second City Cruise Ship talent, Piven Theatre-Steppenwolf performers and national commercials including the 2010 Super Bowl.  Several of our comedians are members of the national talent unions including Actors Equity, The Screen Actors Guild and the American Association of Television Radio Artists   


High energy, zaniness!  Good clean professional fun (without giving away the whole show). 

Moving Bodies: 

The players invite two audience members up to move the improvisers around the performance area while the improvisers, well, improvise!  Very funny bit.

Lets Make A Date: 

Our improvisers do a take off of the old games show "The Dating Game" playing celebrities, quirky characters and characters with phobias all suggested by the audience while one of our players (having been sequestered to a nearby sound proof room) joins in the fun by being the guest that guesses who or what they might be.

Blind Lines: 

Audience members suggest quotes from films or history or every day conversation.  Players write these on pieces of paper which are distributed on the staging floor.  Two players who have returned from being out of the room come in to play out a scene integrating the lines they have not seen from the audience suggestions.

Conducted Story/Story Story Die: 

Players line up.  Are given character suggestions from the audience or genres to play out as they continue to tell a story only when the "conductor" gives them the focus.

Day in the Life: 

An audience member is briefly interviewed by one of the cast members.  With the information given the cast re-enacts that audience member's day in 1.5 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds, 15 seconds, etc.  Very high energy.

Here's a promo clip which includes our Exec. Producer, David Brian Stuart, talkin' up "serious" comedy!


Abbott Labs

"Thank you so much; my whole group absolutely LOVED it!  On the improv side it was very funny to develop something about meetings (corporations are crazy about meetings, including meeting about meetings and meeting before the meeting…) . Overall, this was the most unique training and entertainment any of us have done for the duration of time spent at Abbott.

Leslie Kind, Rehearsal Dinner

Hi David,Thank you so much for your wonderful email.  I am just now getting caught up on my post wedding emails!

We had such a great time and your staff was incredible and so much fun!!!  Our guests are still raving about the evening and Michael and Franci had a great time as well!  Their friends are still talking about it and loved how unique the evening was!  Thank you so much for making it a special evening for ALL of us!!! Again, thank you, and thank you for your good wishes to us and Michael and Franci!

Sherri R. Bar Mitzvah Party

'We knew that improv comedy was going to be a hit, especially after seeing some of the bigger "name" places in the city, but you (Improv Playhouse) really hit it out of the ballpark for Aaron's Bar Mitzvah Party.  Not only was your price so reasonable, your improv comedy team was every bit as good if not better than anything we had seen downtown. Everyone laughed their heads off.  It was clean.  It was very smart and fun humor.  We really liked it that you personalized some of the performance especially for our family and relatives.  Such a special event!  Thanks!"

Mark J. Valkanet, Senior Pastor: Living Waters Assembly of God

"I just wanted to say "thank you" to you and your team for the wonderful job they did for our event this weekend. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show and the atmosphere they helped to create. In addition, they were all extremely helpful and accommodating. I will definitely consider using Improv Playhouse again for future events."

 M. Stadlman, Branch Manager Special Events, Theater Operations & Sponsorship and Advertising Morale, Welfare, and Recreation:  Naval Station Great Lakes

Thank you again for everything! Your group is always a pleasure to work with, and all of our guests really enjoyed the evening. Thank you for everything, and as always we look forward to working with you again in the future!  Thanks again! 

Improv Comedy Show Testimonial from Alese Campbell
for GLMV Gala Benefit Improv Show

"The Improv team made the annual GLMV Chamber Member Recognition and Board Installation Gala an evening to remember. From the onset, the attendees were engaged as the touring team weaved a chamber membership, business awards and even audience members into the hilarious scenes. Book your event now and make sure to give them a behind the scene look at the audience – the crowd will roar!"

Bob A. for his daughter Shana's High School Graduation Party.

'The Improv Playhouse Comedy Team was just fantastic!  The kids and the braver adults looked like they had a great time. Nolan and Jillian did superbly. They made the party. Shana Loved it! She had a big smile on her face. She was thrilled. I got great feedback from my daughter and her boyfriend. The kids were enthralled. Those guys were great. They did a great job.'  

Nancy Clyburn - Fellowship Deacon for Libertyville Evangelical Free Church
Improv Comedy Show

'We really enjoyed it! You guys were fun and family friendy and I loved that there was audience participation. I would recommend you to any Church or Group."




The Improv Playhouse offers some of the best stand-up comedians in the Midwest.  Among our talent we offer you the hilarity of folks who have been on Oprah, HBO, Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing, FOX and The Tonight Show! Improv Playhouse features "corporate friendly" comedy...customized to your workplace, private event or fundraiser.


Our Actors & Your Guests are the Characters!  Great fun!

Tired of the same old Board Game?  Bored with your Board Meeting?

Make your next event come alive with an




Q. I've never attended one of these. How does it work?

A. It's Improv role-playing at its finest. Everyone gets involved to their own comfort level, either by playing a Suspect or a Detective. It's a live-action "whodunit" where you are part of the "action." 

Q. Do the Suspects get to guess who is the killer?

A. Absolutely. No matter which role you're playing, no one knows the real answer until the final "Curtain." 

Q. How do you choose who plays the Suspects?

A. It's preferable for the customer to choose from his or her own guest list. You know your guests best. We recommend you choose the most outgoing personalities from your guest list as the suspects. 

Q. How many people do we need to play Suspects?

A. That can vary depending on group size and the chosen theme, but generally about a dozen (12) guests are needed for most parties. 

Q. Do they need to memorize lines?

A. No memorization in required. Carrying your "script" and reading from it is actually encouraged. 

Q. What is the dress code? Do we have to dress in costume?

A. The dress code is dictated by the customer and the type of event being planned. Most events are comfortable with business casual while others may prefer shorts and T-shirts for outdoor picnics. Still others may opt to host a formal black-tie event. 

Q. How long does it last?A. Our shows are entirely improvisation so depending on the group size and time of day, a two to three hour time frame is generally observed. Our abbreviated shows last roughly 1-1.5 hours. 

Q. Can we pre-select the "killer" or who gets killed?

A. The answer to both questions is "No." To do so would eliminate the majority of the suspense as well as the fun and hilarity that evolves as the story and plot unfolds. 

Q. I want to surprise my guests with this mystery party. Is that OK?

A. As much fun as that sounds in theory, it is only really fun for the one or two planners, and not for the rest of the crowd. Our experience has proven that the event has optimum results with advance notice to the guests. 

Q. Which theme do you recommend?

A. We have a large selection of crime stories from which you can choose. There are several themes divided into two categories: "Historical" and "Contemporary." You might want to coordinate your theme with your menu, or vice versa. 

Q. What about decorations or souvenirs?A. Creating a theme atmosphere can only enhance the success of your event. We can work within your budget to provide appropriate theme decorations, table centerpieces, and even scenery!

A warehouse of souvenirs is available for purchase including spyglasses, key chains, megaphones, flapper beads, etc. 

Q. Do you travel? Is there an extra charge for travel?

A. Improv Playhouse actors have performed all across the U.S., from Las Vegas to Boston, from Seattle to Orlando. If your event is within two hours or a hundred-mile radius from one of our hubs, there is no extra charge for travel. Otherwise, travel expenses and/or overnight accommodations may be required. 

Q. Is there a prize for the winner?

A. There may be more than one winner, and we award "Super Sleuth Certificates" to all guests who have correctly identified the "killer." Should the host wish to offer one, two, or three prizes of their choice, the "winners" are then eligible to win the prize(s) via a drawing. 


(10-16 Guest Minimum)

FIVE CARD DRAW!!!  The Smell of Gunsmoke:  A fixed card game at the Short Branch Saloon!Minimum requirements: 16 guestminimum

FEUD IN RAGTIME:  Model T's and silent films. Chicago 1915. .Minimum requirements: 16 guest minimum

BYE BYE BUCCA!  The continuing saga of the Bucca Family during the Roaring 20's at its most nostalgic!!  10 guest mminimum

LOVE YOU TO DEATH: It's the Fabulous Forties! It's Chicago! It's...the DeChette Mob! Minimum requirements: 16 guest minimum 

THE MYSTERY OF THE CLASS OF '57:   It's the Homecoming Pep Rally and the Possums' quarterback was drowned in the pool. 16 guest min.

THE CASE OF THE SPOOKY SEANCE:  The list of believers in Madame Gaze's psychic abilities spans the globe and reads like a Who's Who!  10 guest minimum 

DEAD ON THE MONEY:  Q. What do tennis, golf and thoroughbred hunting dogs have in common?  Find your answer in this hilarious "Southern Fried" mystery! 16 guest minimum 

DEATH BENEATH THE SPHINX:  The Egyptian sun, palm trees, and pyramids mingle with international finance, mummies, death curses, and smuggled treasures.  16 guest minimum 

FITNESS CAN BE MURDER:  News flash! The steam room of the PUMP 'N' PRESS Fitness Center is now a crime scene. 10 guest minimum 

A CHRISTMAS CAROL TO DIE FOR:   Return to Merrie Olde England and that fateful Christmas Eve when Scrooge was transformed by the Spirits of Christmas into a kind and generous soul. Then who would have wanted to kill the old man the very next night? There's a whole village of suspects, including his own nephew, the poor clerk and his wife, a half-crocked maid, and the local schoolmaster. It's tradition with a twist! 15 guest minimum.

GREAT REINDEER HOAX!!   We've all heard the proof that Santa exists because he ran over Grandma with his reindeer. But new evidence has surfaced that Grandma's death was no accident. Grandpa's been acting awfully screwy, and then there's Uncle Louie . . . or was it Cousin Mel? Find out who saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus and who's gettin' nuttin' for Christmas! Minimum requirements: 16 guest minimum

THE ELF WHO KNEW TOO MUCH!  Turmoil at the North Pole. Comet has organized the reindeer and they have gone on strike. The hardest working elf, Endorfin, has been electrocuted, and a depressed Santa has gone on a feeding frenzy. Who will help get out the toys this Christmas?  16 guest minimum. 

(50 Guest Minimum)

MURDER IN THE THIRD MILLENIUM:  On a blue planet far, far away... an out-of-this-world sci-fi mystery unfolds with humanoids, aliens, and a robot. The Chancellor refuses to grant refuge until Earth's Destroyer is captured and vaporized.

Apt. 2B - or NOT to be!  There's murder and intrigue along Wicker Avenue. Mr. Lance Lott was found dead shortly after midnight in the park adjacent to the Trinity Court Condominiums. He had been stabbed. But Gladys Peeps, the nosy neighbor across the street, heard a gunshot earlier that night. And now the tenant of 2B is missing! What did Gonzo the elevator man see? Is he next? Be a neighborhood snoop and solve the crime.

DYING TO GET IN: Death is no laughing matter to Funeral Directors. But in the case of Otto Topsy, the County Coroner, his death was actually a relief to those who knew him. Many people hated him for his abrasive manner, his ability to make or break careers, and for being a "ladies' man." But was it "just his time," or was there pre-meditation involved? Did he drink too much or was he poisoned? If so, why? And by whom?Attend this annual convention and discover the truth behind those soft lights and music. And by the way, don't light up that cigar!

GRAND HOTEL - THE FINAL CHECK OUT:  Come to the Grand Hotel and meet the elite, anyone from a glamorous actress to a professional boxer. But beware of room service: last week "Fingers" McAllister, a bookie from Las Vegas, ate some poisoned caviar. May he rest in peace. But now Chef D. Jour is in hot water. Isn't it curious Senator Dodge forfeited his reservation for the Penthouse Suite? And that maid looks extremely familiar...Make your reservation to be a House Detective, but stay clear of the open elevator shaft!

THE GARDEN OF POISONOUS DELIGHTS:  The Chief Botanist was unaware of the fatal ingredients in his last meal!

Megan StadlmanSpecial Projects Coordinator: 

The Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Department at Naval Station Great Lakes

would like to thank you for the Improv Playhouse recent performance.  Your players’ cooperation, conduct, and timeliness was recognized and greatly appreciated.  Their presence greatly enhanced the 1970’s Studio 54 atmosphere, and their enthusiastic performances invited guests to become a character of their own for the evening.  The DJ also was a great addition to this year’s event as many of our guests stayed to enjoy the music and dancing into the late hours of the evening.  All of the guests thoroughly enjoyed the evening and are looking forward to a similar special event in the future. Your players’ interactions with our guests were enjoyable and professional.  All were able to leave with memorable moments that occurred throughout the evening.  Again, on behalf of the active duty, spouses, retirees, and other civilians associated with Naval Station Great Lakes we would just like to thank you for helping to make this a special and memorable event.  Your talents will be thought of for future special events.




"Hi David,  I just got off the phone and wanted to say, yet again, how amazing your group is to work with.  You are so above a beyond the "typical" that I don't have the right words to express it!  Thank you for offering to work with us, understanding the situation and finding a solution.  As usual, there were creative ideas and a tremendous amount of thoughtfulness as well as the professional experience to make solid recommendations.  The values behind the work you have committed to really show.   With all my heart THANK YOU!!    Gratefully, Lisa"

Mitzvah's and Kid Parties

Corporate and Weddings

Sweet 16s and Grad Parties




MUSICIANS:  Classical, Jazz, Folk.  Duets, Trios, Quartets, etc.

Sandberg Jewelers

We loved having Improv Playhouse provide our entertainment needs again. "Captain Jack" was great! Improv Playhouse talent is always terrific with the customers, helping to get people involved with the games and prizes.  We will continue to use Improv Playhouse for future events!

Party Coordinators, Celebrity Look-a-likes, Face Painting, Clowns, Magicians, Balloonists and combinations.

Let us know what your budget is!  We’re flexible and can customize a package to fit your needs.

Thanks for considering the Improv Playhouse™ for your event!

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